The United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office

The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator for the Republic of Seychelles operates under the UN Resident Coordinator’s strategic guidance. It supports the establishment and implementation of mechanisms that ensure all members can fully participate in UN country team (UNCT) consultations and decision-making processes and are informed through regular communications and information sharing.

The Resident Coordinator (RC) is the highest-ranking UN representative in Seychelles. She coordinates the support from the UN to Seychelles in meeting the nation’s objectives towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This support is guided by a Strategic Partnership Framework (2019-2023), which aligns UN support with Seychelles’ National Development Strategy and its regional and global commitments.

The RC supports and advocates for the work of UNCT members, including Non-Resident Agencies (NRAs).The RC leads the UN Country Team in consultations with the host Government to define and agree on the UN’s strategic response to the nation’s priorities.

The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator for Seychelles fulfills the following five functions in support of the responsibilities of the RC and the UNCT:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Multisector analysis and advising on sustainable development
  3. Promotion of partnerships and development finance
  4. Data and results management and reporting
  5. Communications and advocacy


The UN Resident Coordinator for Seychelles

Ms. Lisa Simrique Singh brings over 25 years of experience in international development in Asia and Africa continents, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Vietnam.  

Prior to her appointment as United Nations Resident Coordinator, Lisa Singh served as UNDP Resident Representative ad interim (ai) in Chad. She previously worked as UNDP Director of Programme and Deputy Resident Representative ai in Mali. She has significant senior policy expertise advising governments on issues of economic transformation, regional integration, sustainable development, and disaster and climate risk resilience.   

As Senior Economist, she led joint UN collective actions to support governments in the finalization of national development strategies (Afghanistan and Cameroon) and more recently with national socioeconomic response planning for COVID-19 (Chad). 

Lisa Singh is adept in intergovernmental processes including leadership roles in facilitating regional collaboration, knowledge brokering, south-south partnership, and financing solutions. As Regional Environment Governance Manager in the Mekong Region based in Cambodia, she played a lead role strengthening riparian diplomacy and cross-border capacity building to include work with the private sector and non-government organizations in the Asia Pacific Region.   

Ms. Singh obtained her master’s degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts (Economics and French) from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA.  She is multilingual with fluency in English, French, and Nepali. 

Ms. Lisa Simrique Singh

Lisa Simrique Singh

Resident Coordinator for Mauritius and Seychelles