The United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office

The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator for the Republic of Seychelles operates under the UN Resident Coordinator’s strategic guidance. It supports the establishment and implementation of mechanisms that ensure all members can fully participate in UN country team (UNCT) consultations and decision-making processes and are informed through regular communications and information sharing.

The Resident Coordinator (RC) is the highest-ranking UN representative in Seychelles. She coordinates the support from the UN to Seychelles in meeting the nation’s objectives towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This support is guided by a Strategic Partnership Framework (2019-2023), which aligns UN support with Seychelles’ National Development Strategy and its regional and global commitments.

The RC supports and advocates for the work of UNCT members, including Non-Resident Agencies (NRAs).The RC leads the UN Country Team in consultations with the host Government to define and agree on the UN’s strategic response to the nation’s priorities.

The Office of the UN Resident Coordinator for Seychelles fulfills the following five functions in support of the responsibilities of the RC and the UNCT:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Multisector analysis and advising on sustainable development
  3. Promotion of partnerships and development finance
  4. Data and results management and reporting
  5. Communications and advocacy


The UN Resident Coordinator for Seychelles

Ms. Christine N. Umutoni's responsibilities as UN Resident Coordinator for Seychelles include coordination all work for resident and non-resident agencies with programs in Seychelles. Previously she served as the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Mauritius and Seychelles before the UN Reform. Before that she served as UN RC, Humanitarian coordinator and UNDP RR in Asmara, Eritrea since 2012 to 2017. Prior to this assignment, she was the UNDP Country Director in Harare, Zimbabwe from July 2009 to 2012 effectively managing the UNDP Country Office day-to-day matters. In 2009, she served as the Country Adviser in the Regional Bureau for Africa in UNDP HQ in New York to support COs in West and Central Africa, ensuring accountability and compliance with organization requirements providing overall oversight and guidance. From 2005-2008, Christine was the Head of Governance, Justice, Gender & HIV Units in the UNDP Country Office in Rwanda.

Christine N. Umutoni Resident Coordinator Mauritius Seychelles

Christine N. Umutoni

United Nations Resident Coordinator