World Environment Day #BeatPlastic24 hour challenge

Mauritius and Seychelles and global

Start: 2023-05-30
End: 2023-06-06

The 5th of June 2023 marks World Environment Day. The theme for this year is #BeatPlasticPollution.


Why do we need to take action against plastic pollution?

We have become dependent on single-use plastic products. Traditional plastics cannot biodegrade in a way that’s not damaging to the environment leading to severe social, economic, and health consequences. BUT:

  • 1 million plastic bottles are purchased globally every minute.
  • 5 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.
  • half of all plastic produced is designed for single-use purposes – used just once and then thrown away.
  • 85 percent of total marine waste comes from plastics causing harm to animals & ecosystems.
  • Humans are at risk from marine plastic pollution by inhaling microplastics through the air, consuming them through food and water, and even absorbing them through the skin.

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How you can act! 

We are asking you to join us in taking a global 24-hour social media challenge to beat plastic pollution #BeatPlastic24. We can't address a problem unless we're aware of it. So let's raise awareness about how much single-use plastic is a part of our daily lives:

Action 1 - Join the 24-hour challenge using the #BeatPlastic24 hashtag and posting a badge "Join me in the #BeatPlastic24 challenge" on your choice of Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn. 

Action 2 - Post a photo in the feed on your Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter each time you reach to use single-use plastic in your daily life today using the hashtag #BeatPlastic24.

Action 3 - At the end of the 24-hour period post on your choice of social media: "I completed the #BeatPlastic24 challenge" badge and hashtag. Both badges are below for downloading.

Examples of single-use plastics:

  • Cotton bud sticks
  • Cutlery, plates, straws and stirrers
  • Balloons and sticks for balloons
  • Food containers
  • Beverage containers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Plastic bags
  • Packets and wrappers
  • Wet wipes and sanitary items

Check out these links for some solutions to plastic pollution:

Get Solutions (

Turning off the Tap: How the world can end plastic pollution and create a circular economy | UNEP - UN Environment Programme

Caption: Post this badge with hashtag #BeatPlastic24 to let your friends, family and colleagues know you're joining the challenge.
Caption: Post this badge when you've completed the challenge!


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